Values and Ethics

Values & Ethics

Einstein facilitates the goals of international educational exchange and test administration while ensuring institutional and individual compliance with applicable laws, government polices and code of ethics. Einstein itself being a member of ECAN (Education consultancy association of Nepal), International chamber of commerce and Nepal chamber of commerce, hence it is abided to follow the code of conduct and its values.

The Code below principally addresses the behavior of Einstein's staffs, its franchiser and associates, therefore not all parts will be relevant to all countries and their policies but it is expected to act ethically within the context of their own activities from their franchiser, associates and respectable associated institutions and Universities for example, by giving ethical and accurate advice, providing inclusive and accessible services for students, respecting cultural differences and acting in such a way as to enhance the experience of national and international students have while in abroad.

Complying with the provisions set by the memorandum of understanding of ECAN (Education Consultancy Association of Nepal) and responsible activities issued on STANDARD NOTICE in several dailies and other publications and the mass media by ECAN.

Complying with provisions of the Education Services for Overseas Students 2000 (ESOS Act) & include obligations under the National Code Which is made under and forms part of ESOS Act (National Code).

Complying with the New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International students.

Behave ethically and responsibly towards prospective, current and past students and towards other educational institutions.

Offer an educational experience which is fit for purpose, clearly and accurately described to students and, where appropriate, certificated by recognised qualifications. Institutions offering “degrees” which are not accredited by a nationally recognised authority will automatically be excluded from being our partner institution.

Offer sufficient levels of information, advice and support services to students to enable them to make an appropriate choice of course and institution; to prepare for their time abroad; to complete the course successfully; and to progress onwards to the next stage of education or employment.

Students are given appropriate opportunities to experience the wider social and cultural benefits of an international education, through meaningful contact with local students and local communities with the help of our local partner.

Students receive clear and detailed information about fees and other costs relating to their course of study, with reasonable advance notice given of any increases. Where deposits are charged, refund policies should be explicit and refund payments should not be subject to undue delays.

To avoid a conflict of interest or appearance of any impropriety, Test Supervisor or CTAS staff member is abided as per your below mentioned rules while delivering and administering Test at Einstein International Inc.

Not to be involved, as an instructor or student, in any course, workshop, or tutoring activity, whether public or private, whether on a paid or volunteer basis, which involves preparing examines for test questions similar in content to those in ACT and TOFEL-iBt test being administered at the test supervisor or CTAS: or any other test preparation or coaching activity whose purpose is to address content of secure tests.

Must not administer, or provide access to, any test to a member of his or her household or any immediate family member or any third party known to them, such as fellow employee, who would obtain advantage or benefit as a result of administration or handling or materials.

Not to handle secure test materials for administration of any test to a household or immediate family member or any third party known to them, such as a fellow employee, who would obtain advantage or benefit as a result of administration or handling of materials.

No to take any test which is administering through its site for a period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days following involvement in any aspect of the administration, processing, or handling or that test(s). The test center supervisor or CTAS should contact the respectable testing authority of test integrity (OTI) for program policy information at telephone number or email.

Not to administer or provide access to any test to an employee of test supervisor where s/he works.

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