Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment

We are Nepali Student Recruitment Organization that assists students in pursuing overseas career in prestigious universities and colleges. We first analyze the nature of competition in the educational education market, identify and evaluate students needs, develop and define a simple flexible recruitment process.

The recruitment process in Einstein is designed in such a way that each candidate gets the desired profile according to its own choice. Place the candidate from the right profile. The recruitment process involves identifying students needs, preparing ourselves for their right placement in accord with their profile description, academic qualification their specification, and other criteria. Einstein role in the recruitment process is to ensure that students are placed in the most suitable programs possible offered by universities. To achieve this, Einstein Inc admission team plays a major role in helping students select appropriate universities for application (see element of consideration while selecting universities below). The admission team also works closely with university admissions officers, international student advisors and faculty to provide all necessary credentials and other information needed for admission decisions. Through Einstein, students receive up-to-date information on each placement and help students make their final selection of the university to attend.

All in all we have a pre-defined standard to hire students efficientlly. We connect them with appropriate counseling advice , also attend different workshops for the same. Outcomes of the workshop include the following:

  • team buildings
  • communication with students
  • communication between departments
  • how should we coordinate recruitment activities
  • support for recruitment (budget, technology, staffing)
  • While considering the student recruitment process we generally consider the following things.

    • Information on how competitive is the university is in comparison with others?
    • How the university is viewed by prospective students/ parents?
    • How does the university ensure that there is a commitment to students to all levels?
    • Fees structure, accommodation facilities, other facilities along with the study environment.
    • What the university can offer to our students and we mainly focus on how the student will be benefited from them?

    Ohter consideration while selecting universities are:

    • Quality of the Program - Since students are sponsored to pursue degrees/majors that will meet explicit training objectives, it is imperative that the university offers the specific degree for which the student is sponsored and that the degree has enough specific courses for the student to achieve training goals.

    • Tuition and Fees/ Cost of Living in the Area - In the government's effort to maximize every dollar spent sending students overseas and since students are on a loan/grant scheme and will have to pay back to the government a portion of the costs incurred, the university's tuition and fees and living expenses are an important consideration.

    • Cost-sharing/tuition reduction - Because the cost of higher education in the international countries is expensive, compared with the currency rate, we compared with other consultancies focus on this sectors and bargain more for reduction in fees and other amenities.

    • Receptivity of schools to developing a working relationship with Einstein – We try to select university which reports us by (i.e., providing information on students' academic progress and personal/social adjustment, alerting Einstein to any problems, etc.) – Einstein always try to keep in touch with the students progress, even after they get enrolled to the university.

    • Academic Support - To ensure that students receive the necessary assistance to develop in their programs, the university's facilities, such as Academic Advising Center, Writing and Tutoring Centers, Computer Labs, and other facilities appropriate to the student's major (i.e. campus radio/TV stations) are taken into account.

    • Housing - Undergraduate students are usually required to live on-campus for the first year of study, if such housing is available. For graduate students, we work closely with schools to identify other satisfactory housing alternatives.

    • Transportation - Another important consideration is the transportation offered by the community and the university. There should be public transportation to allow students to buy groceries, visit the bank and other appropriate offices if unable to travel by foot.

    • Community response to international students – What is the environment and whether it helps develop broaden their life experiences. Communities that respond positively to international students can enrich a student's experience, provide a positive learning and social environment, and help to produce a well-rounded individual.

    • Personal Preference - If more than one school/program meets the above criteria, then the student makes a choice based on personal preferences (i.e., climate, size of school, friends or other Botswana nationals at the school, etc.)

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