Research and Development

We realize we are on cutting edge of technology. Continuous Research and Development is desired for sustaining in today's market. We bring out best efforts for improvisation of our services. We do realize the current increasing trend towards the expansion of study abroad and an increasing push for internationalization of campuses through study abroad, arguing that the purpose of study abroad should be to allow students to see themselves and their lives in a broader, global context, getting the most out of short-term study abroad programs, acknowledging foreign language learning is vital to global citizenship. One of the biggest challenges facing study abroad advocates is resistance from faculty and assessing global citizenship and promoting undergraduate research abroad. Einstein Int'l Inc realizes students' pre-departure expectations and shape how they engage in their study abroad experience.

The Research Division of Einstein conducts grant-funded and contract research projects in the fields of international education, study abroad, standardized testing and foreign language study. This division is also responsible for all evaluation and assessment of programs. We periodically post findings of general interest. We attend various workshops and training courses on how to effectively incorporate technology into our recruitment process to as to develop a standard and flexible one.

We provide access to internal and external information for the college community, and are responsible for a large portion of the college’s reporting requirements to governments and external agencies. Einstein Research and Development team provides information support in: strategic information, provincial government reporting, survey research, and planning and assistance with research and information needs.

On regular intervals, we prepare questionnaires and survey with the students to evaluate our methodology adopted.

Research Studies

Curriculum Based Study

This study appraises the impact of short-term (4 week to 1 semester), curriculum-based study abroad. Working with students who have returned to Nepal after studying abroad in Europe and other continents, the project seeks to enunciate the short and long-term impact that these programs have had on students’ academic and professional development.

Einstein Language & recruitment project

The primary purpose of the study was to gain prospects on the long-term impact of the exchange experience on both personal and career development. It was designed to allow analysis of five broad areas of interest: 1) language study & language learning ability, 2) Standard and flexible recruitment process 3) exchange experience, 4) language maintenance, and the 5) career impact of language study and university selection. We anticipate that the research findings, which are available on this website, will contribute to informed policy formation regarding the funding of academic exchanges and overseas study.

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