Whether you're prospective student or business client of Einstein Int'l Inc., we'd like you to think of us as your first source of information about study abroad experience and Language programs.

Over the paast seven years, Einstein International Inc. has transformed form a business with only two members within one location into a leading education consultancy of fifteen plus professionals and various branches. And during the period it has accredited from various test administration sites and organizations.

Thanks to our prestigious education providers, who have inspired and encouraged us in our endeavours to provide counseling services to the student community in Nepal. Thanks also go to our excellent team of program directors, instructors and couselors for their tremendous efforts through out the years and commitment to the provision of high quality services that always exceed our customer's expectations.

Special thanks must pay to our old and present students and customers who belive in Einstein and share their insights with our potential customers. For the future,

Mr. Sushil Regmi

Managing Director


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