Study in the Ireland

Why Ireland? Because the best English anywhere in the world is spoken here. It is a part of the EU with easy and inexpensive access to all European cities. Its economy has experienced record over the past decade and has become one of the wealthiest countries in EU. It is one of the world’s most dynamic economies growth rate amont the highest in the EU and OECD, its economic performance is exeptional. Ireland has consistently topped the 30 member OECD economic growth tables a doubling of national income over the last ten years includes a reduction in unemployment rate from 14% to 4% leading to a great demand of workers.

Want to abroad study in Ireland?

The program is not for those looking to stay in their rooms. Ireland’s fabled emerland landscape and the courty’s five million people are among the most enriching reasons to go. Enter to pub in Ireland on a rainy day, settle in for an evening of craic (that’s “enjoyable conversation”), and you’ll make a roomful of friends. If an evening at a pub famed for its folk music and a pint of Guiness sounds like heaven to you, you’ll feel right at home in Ireland. Yes, it rains here, but you will probably be too entranced by the resplendent green hills to notice.

Okay, so the Irish trifecta of beer, folk music and green hills are covered. If you want to study in Ireland, you really should know more. Culturally speaking, the Irish have had a greater impact on the world literature than one might expect coming from such small country- one far greater than their stereotypical reputation gives them credit for. Ireland counts among its authors and poets the likes of Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, George Bernand Shaw, W. West and Dublin to the east are both major artistic hubs drawing students, musicians and bohemians from all over the world.

Education is considered the cornerstone of all economic and cultural activity in Ireland (an important key point for the study-abroad student convincing their parents). To help you make the right decisioins about which study in Ireland program is best fit for your academic objectives-please fill out the inquiry form. The Einstein Int’l Inc. Will manage your inquiry and will connect you with the study abroad in Ireland program advisor. Applying for this program is free and it will complement your search for the compatible with your school’s academic.

The recommended band scores are-

  • IELTS-minimum score of 5
  • TOEFL-minimum score of 173
  • Cambridge- First Certificate in English (FEC) or higher

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