Our franchise System

The Einstein International franchise system operates under a Master Sub-Franchising Plan in which Einstein International is the owner and developer of all the rights, trademarks and systems that comprise the Einstein International program.

As the Master Franchisor, Einstein International appoints and supports (or “Regions”) worldwide. The business of our Region is to grant franchises to new and/or existing independent educational consultancies and then to create a profit centre by delivering to them a valuable array of support and services to enable them to compete and take advantage of the rapidly changing nature of the Student recruitment, Language and testing programme business and the increasing level of consumer sophistication.

Our system is committed to making the recruiting experience a positive one by offering uncompromising dedication on this field that gives value-added products and services.

Going Forward

As per various report from foreign government agencies and NGO, by year 2010 student recruitment would contribute Billion Dollars to the leading nation's economy. In fact, worldwide, the growth of student recruitment outpaces that of any other country. With booming economy of Asian countries and growth of middle class, today outbound and abroad study trend far outnumber the numbers of agency coming into this business.

Opportunities for all those involved in this Industry are immense, and the changes in the industry over the years with the advent of technology have set new standards for the players involved, primarily, all students' recruitment agencies.

Einstein International being a premium student recruitment agency with presence in UK and across Nepal understands this business much better than the others, purely due to its commitment, involvement and the operating strength. In order to extend and reach of our operations to provide services customers across the Globe, We have evolved a Franchise Concept that offers various benefits to those wishing to enter into this arena, with or without recruiting experience. Having already established our supremacy in Nepalese industry for more than a decade, and now in UK, Einstein International® knows what it takes to be the market leader in the student's recruitment and test administration site. Any successful business project requires that the entrepreneur focuses on continuous profitability of the venture. That is the prime reason why we decided to extend our range of our services as a premium Nepa-English student's recruitment agency and have therefore developed a system for managing recruitment Franchisee

What is included?

1. Marketing and Operational support

1. Marketing and Operational support
2. Administration, Training & Service support.
3. Co-operation to establish new testing center
4. Campaign Management
5. Designing a Marketing strategy
6. Creating useful content
7. Viral Marketing strategy
8. Support for educational seminar, expo, designing advertisement and other promotional activities

Franchisee Process

While we work to grow our network, at the same time we are looking for like minded people who are service industry oriented and understand the concept of the student recruitment agency. The main focus is to develop and utilize the synergies of our entire Franchisees network for mutual benefits.

After we have gone through your paper work for a franchisee, and if found suitable we will work hard to enroll you into our processes without any delays. During the opening process, we will assign a dedicated support manager who will be in regular contact with you. When your business opens, our team will make regular visits to your office premises to ensure all business related processes are covered well.


First Name:
Residential Address:
Home Telephone:
Work Telephone:
Have you ever owned or worked in a business similar to the proposed opportunity?


Comany Name:
Company Address:
Type Of Business:
Annaul Salary & Turnover:
No. Of Staff:
Describe duties and responsibilities along with period of employment:


What interested you to take up this line of business?
Will you have a business partner(s)? If yes, please given name of the partner(s).
To what extend will you be actively involved in the operations of the business?
What will be the nature and type of the proposed company you intended to have for this business?
What % of equity of this business will you own?
Who will be the operating partner?
Investment for the opportunity?

Please provide information about the location you intend to open franchise:
Complete Address of the Location
Carpet Area
Ownership: Owned / Rented
Commercial / Residential Location


Within what time frame could you invest in this opportunity?
The undersigned certifies that the information furnished in this franchise application is true and correct.

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