Education System Development

Education System Development

Education System Development implements a range of initiatives to support educational reform, development, research and non profit public and private activities that deliver to the local students and parent's community. This key priority is attained by coordinating and bridging between public, private and institutional involvements. Main goal of these initiatives is to widen our thought and support of actions aiming at reform and development of the educational system handling with foreign cooperation programmes in the area of education;

  • enlarging capital expenditure in human resources.
  • fighting with divisions and social inequalities.
  • supporting pursuance to gaining knowledge.
  • promoting cooperation which leads to raising the quality of educational service.
  • Promoting the idea of a life-long learning.

Lifelong Learning Programme

Aim of the programme is to expand cooperation and exchange in the educational sphere. Different educational programmes include participants "from kindergarten to the university": children, youth, adults and seniors.

Youth in Action

The programme is addressed to young people aged 13-30 and youth Motilities. The programme supports informal education, i.e. actions undertaken by young people after school, in their spare time.

Faculty Visits and Exchange

Offer faculty exchanges, faculty visits, including sabbaticals, and faculty collaborations on a wide variety of academic initiatives. Assist in placing Asian faculty various colleges and universities. Assist faculty with all their research and teaching collaboration needs on academic projects.

Scholarship and Training Fund

The scholarship funds span from academic exchange of students and teachers, to training of civil servants, and grants to educational institutions to implement cooperation projects, grant to general students guided by ECAN and other associations which are actively participating in non profit activities.

Institutional Tie Ups and Partnerships

Establish meaningful partnerships with colleges and universities for specific courses, programs, or degrees. Assistance to establish research facilities and finding research projects for faculty and students. Assisting Institutions to build co-operation and play a vital role for MOU.

Even Management

Plan, develop, organize, and execute international conferences, seminars, and workshops in all disciplines – everything from finding world-renowned speakers to publishing conference proceedings.

One to One Consultation

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