Test of English as a Foreign Language


There will be a short break between the second and third subtests.The test consists of a total 215 scored questions. The test is comprised of four subjects tests:

  • English:45 Minutes, 75 Questions
  • Math: 60 Minutes, 60 Questions
  • Reading: 35 Minutes, 40 Questions
  • Science Reasoning: 35 Minutes, 40 Questions

What is the ACT?

The phrase ACT denotes the American College Test. It required for entry to undergraduate studies in the USA. Most undergraduate programs in the US will require you take the ACT. The ACT is designed to assess high school students general education development and their ability to complete college level work. The ACT is developed and adminstered by the ACT Universal Testing, USA. ACT organization is private non profit organization based in US.

The ACT At-A-Glance

The ACT includes a science reasoning test; the SAT doesnot.
The ACE math section includes trigonometry; the SAT math doesnot.
The SAT tests vocabulary much more than the ACT.

  • The SAT has a guessing penalty; the ACT doesnot.
  • The SAT has an experimental sections; the ACT doesnot have any.
  • The ACT tests English Grammer; the SAT does not.

ACT [Out Side United State]

Einstein International Inc. is SOLO Test Center of American College Testing (ACT) in Nepal. The test Center code is 871070. The act is designed to assess high school students general education development and their ability to complete college-level work. The multiple choice tests cover four skill areas; English, Mathmatics, Reading and Science. The Writing Test, which is optional, measures skill in planning and writing a short essay. The ACT test is made up of four individual tests, each of which is designed to measure academic achievemet in the major area; English, Mathematics, Reading and Natural Science.

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While the SAT and ACT are very different tests, they both fulfill the same role in the admissions process. The SAT and the ACT are designed to provide college admissions officers with two things; a predictor of first year academic achievement in college, and a common yardstick to use in comparing students from a wide range of educational backgrounds.

The ACT was traditionally required by colleges in the mid-west and the SAT was the test of students taking the ACT, and the majority of schools in the United States now accepts both SAT or ACT test results.

Admission Officers and educators often describe the difference between SAT and ACT in these terms: the ACT is a content based test, where as the SAT tests critical thinking and problem solving. In fact, this contrast is not exactly watertight. Many questions on the ACT test critical thinking and there is a predictable range of material that's tasted on the SAT. But the SAT and the ACT reward different attributes, so performing well on each test can all boil down to what kind of test taker you are.

Depending upon your particular strengths and weakness, you may perform much better on one test than the other. As a result, many students embarking on the admission process are now considering both the SAT and ACT- to figure out which test provides a better a better showcase for their abilities.

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