About US

"Think, Proceed and Suceed" is what we not only offer but deliver. Life tomorrow is the result of choices one makes today.

Einstein int'l Inc is a well established educational consultancy established under the act " ". During its nearly decades of existence, is providing services of student recruitment visa application & documentation and language and college test preparation. We are also the Test center for TOEFL/IBT, and also conducted solo test center of Nepal for ACT (American College Test). We believe that our Centre now offers the best language courses besides; we provide educational counseling to help our applicants realize their academic dreams.

The main objectives are simple: to build a thriving, world-class business, offering outstanding educational opportunities so it always uses contemporary leadership models and materials from education and business, and has a unique approach to the management and delivery of change projects: Education System Development Method. Therefore, Einstein always responds to the needs of national and international students, delivering the programmes they want in the locations they want. This ethos has underpinned our dramatic growth while delivering successful services for hundred of people nationally and internationally.

With wide knowledge and experience of many countries education system, we believe we perfectly placed to provide you with exactly the right service and assitance. Our selections of Universities and Colleges have been carefully selected to provide the right balance of options for you. Thus, our key personnel are highly experienced, well qualified and extremely adept at looking the best interests of our clients.

The School

Einstein belives that the most effective way to learn a language is by living it. Whether students aer looking for a short intensive crash course to boost their language skills, an enriching tailor-made course, Einstein has a course that is right for them. Located at the heart of the valley, New Baneshwor and Putalisadak, Einstein aims to provide quality education and instruction to everyone who needs it. Different programs, different schedules, but the same goal: the hightest quality instruction at the best price. No matter you needs are, Einstein has a program that's right for you (TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, GRE, GMAT)! We offer Superior Quality Education at the Affordable Price.


Cutting Edge Technology

With the help of technolgy used by Einstein, students nowdays can learn more information and learn it more quickly. Learing is enhanced by the way information is introduced to them. Internet, multimedia computers and our online library and digitized lab have their own way of making learning easier.

To start with, nowadays most students have access to the internet which is the most convenient way to find information about nearly everything. If one knows how to search, the knowledge is in his or her grasp. Just a little ambition is needed to learn the information. The hours spent on finding something in the library can be used for studying the information acquired in minutes. Our quality of Internet service helps you to practice online test without any hassles and all the CD-ROMs are newly (new version) purchased from US and CANADA.

Second, the process of learning is made easier by technoaccess program developed by Einstein. It is a fact that a person learns more when he or she sees and hears something rather than just reads it or listens to it.There are so many films and interactive learning programs, which greatly improve learning process. Thus acquiring knowledge is not so boring, a very important is fater and more through.

Finally, we have improved our classes in many directions one of which is the process of learning. Students learn more quickly and more because it has been made easier to use, find and remeber information.

One to One Consultation

Einstein Respects your Career, Register for a free counselling and explore your opportunities to Study Abroad.