Our Team

Mr. Regmi made his mark as a managing director in this agency of repute for last two decades and continues to add value and wisdom way beyond his sources. He has been served as south Asian first test supervisor of American College test and first TOEFL-iBT supervisor in Nepal. He has vast experience in media and publication as he served a long history in this sector too.

Mr. Sushil Regmi –MD
Email: sushil@einstein.com.np

She is responsible for innovation within this enterprise and has serviced in different social sector as an activist. She is qualified counselor, trained and certified in education consulting field. She is a blend of social welfare and diverse business experienced and has got remarkable student welfare experience in this origination since last six year.

Mrs. Rakshya Mainali- CEO
Email: rakshya@einstein.com.np

Mr. Niraj has been awarded for different Internationally Recognized Certifications in Study abroad industry. He is responsible of client’s relationships that are mindedly focused on success and thrive in his quality in student relationship. He has got decade of experience in marketing and well known for his good will in study abroad market throughout in the country 

Mr. Niraj Budhathoki – Director / Student welfare
Email: niraj@einstein.com.np

He has worked as part of the marketing team and am currently responsible for marketing, subagents manage and promotional activities.

Madan Kumar Jirel
Marketing manager (Director)
Email: madan@einstein.com.np

Dynamic, restless young man is how we describe. He works with a mix of passion and principals, a workaholic to the core. As being a UK qualification holder, he has been always brimming the creativity and ideas. He is exquisite in turning failure into possibility, profit and award-winning results in overall corporative initiatives.

Mr. Dipendra Pokharel
CEM (Chief Executive Manager)
Email: dipen@einstein.com.np

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